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Paradox Interactive released the patch notes for update 1.1.0 for Crusader Kings III in a blog post today, and to say they’re MASSIVE as the blog post puts it is an understatement.

As with all patch notes, the vast majority of this update is going to be bugfixes ranging from making it so women will be punished for not having enough consorts to making it so that a faction won’t “courteously greet you before calling you a tyrant.” I think my personal favourite of the bugfixes has to be “Added a 10 year cooldown to childhood events if the child decides to kill the animal instead of adopting it. You monsters.”

Although I haven’t played the game myself, that singular bugfix has no guaranteed that I want nothing more than to play the game just to see what they’re talking about.

Crusader Kings 3 10 Year Cooldown

While bugfixes make up the vast majority of the patch notes, there are a large amount of game balance, AI, UI, Art, Localization, content, database, and modding additions or changes as well. (It’s worth noting though that the vast majority of this updates patch notes are centered around bugfixes. It’s a little over half bugfixes, which is pretty impressive.)

The game balance and content changes are about what you’d expect for a game, although the majority of the content changes had to do with Taltoism, which I’m assuming is a religion? It’s hard to say; The Crusader Kings franchise is nothing if not detailed, deep, and accurate, and a Google search brings up nothing useful. I can’t even guess the last time I saw a Google search pull up less than a billion results, let alone as few as eight.

It does add a few other fun changes, like new mythological names for warhorses and new things to martial events, but this is probably the smallest section of the game’s new patch notes.

The game balance changes are where a lot of people’s attention will likely end up. New art or more difficult AI isn’t as immediately noticeable as your usual strategy suddenly not working because a new patch nerfed a unit you were relying on. That said, this patch mostly deals with political game balancing as opposed to the military aspects, although that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone familiar with the franchise. The only significant change to a military aspect of the game was a buff for the Mongol Empire, which has also been made more aggressive.

The AI changes are nothing amazing, essentially making them less stupid and more competent at managing their kingdoms, and less likely to freak out if the player finds a random action it can’t handle. UI changes were a lot of fixes for things that weren’t showing up or working properly, with some additions for things like shortcuts to the in-game encyclopedia.

The Art and Localization changes are about as interesting as they sound, which is to say not very. Suffice to say the game is going to look better while you’re playing it in whatever language you happen to be fluent in, and that pretty much sums up the whole of these sections of the patch notes.

Database changes were mostly changing the history of rulers/empires, as well as what they are or how they behave, with some changes that affect game balance such as changes to the Khan’s domain size or changes to Russian principalities that make them more consistently feudal. The modding additions give modders more control over what they can make happen within their mods and fixed or removed some things as needed, like fixing scripts or removing previously required scripts.

When Paradox said this update’s notes were big, they weren’t kidding. The vast majority are bugfixes, but there are some important gems tucked away for players looking to get the most out of each playthrough. Anyone looking to play more casually can of course more or less disregard the patch notes and learn as they go, but I definitely recommend giving these a quick read if you have the time.

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