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Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition’s release date has been set to run alongside next-gen consoles on Nov. 10. Gearbox, the developers of the FPS looter-shooter, announced a number of changes coming to the newest version in the most recent episode of The Borderlands Show.

Every addon currently in Borderlands 3 will be packed into the Ultimate Edition. This means you’ll get the base game and access to the “Final” form which is a look based off the scenario of an alternate universe where your character never became a Vault Hunter.

Players will also receive both season passes for the game, one of which has been released since September. This one includes all four campaign DLC packs already in the game, new missions, and additional in-game content. The second season pass will give players the ability to explore both the Director’s Cut and Designer’s Cut of the game as well as new skill trees and an Arms race mode.

Arms Race is looking to be a fast-paced roguelike experience framed as a reality show. The show is to be hosted by two of the Vault Hunters from previous games. Players will be dropped into the new zone without gear or upgrades and forced to loot and shoot to survive. As is customary for a roguelike game, players will be granted persistent upgrades to be used within the new zone.

Gamers can expect to get their hands on the Ultimate Edition upon release on November 10. The game will be available to owners of PC, Xbox, and PlayStation console families. All current-gen purchases will be upgraded for free to next-gen on day one.

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