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The new gameplay trailer for Apex Legends’s Season 7 went live today, and it was the usual sort of spectacle we’ve come to expect from Respawn.

The majority of the gameplay was focused on showing off the new Legend and weapon skins in the game as opposed to any new weapons. So far there haven’t been any rumors of new weapons, but the R-99 did make an appearance, which could mean we’ll be seeing the weapon return as a world drop as opposed to just a care package weapon.

The big point of the trailer, at least for me, centered on the reveal of the Trident fully, in terms of how it works and what players can do with it.

The Trident can carry a full squad of three, one driver and the other two hanging onto the side, still able to shoot weapons. The Trident itself is fully drivable, which has some players worried that the game will devolve into players using the vehicle to kill in the final circle as opposed to the guns or abilities.

While I’m worried as well, there’s enough explosives available that I doubt the Trident will last very long. More importantly, no one in the vehicle is actually all that shielded from enemy fire, so it looks entirely possible to just shoot the driver out of the vehicle.

The most interesting part of the trailer, and what really shows off just what the Trident is capable of, is the fact that it can interact with some Legend abilities. Caustic’s gas canisters, Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, and Rampart’s Sheila are all seen being deployed on the Trident and functioning.

What this does for the meta in Apex Legends is anyone’s guess, but it seems like Rampart and Gibraltar are going to be picked a lot more frequently, at least in the start. Gibraltar’s Shield seems to be the most generally useful, but Rampart’s Sheila is a devastating weapon if you wander into its line-of-sight. Being able to drive it around and harass players on the move with it could make it a lot more deadly.

We have no idea how the Trident interacts with other Legend abilities, namely Wattson’s Interception Pylon and Rampart’s Amp Wall. Reddit seems convinced Rampart’s Walls could make the Trident a moving tank, but I’m not entirely convinced players will be able to stick them on.

The other big news from the trailer was the introduction of “Clubs.” They seem to be a sort of clan mechanic for Apex Legends, but it isn’t clear if these are similar to Titanfall 2’s factions or Destiny 2’s clans. The former was a background addition that had little impact on gameplay, while the latter allows players to group up and identify themselves in-game to others in the clan. The Legends in the trailer are all wearing similar colored skins as well, so it seems possible that these Clubs will introduce specific skins.

Season 7 could be a big step for Apex Legends. It’s so far been one of the only battle royale games out that hasn’t added vehicles in some manner, and this could be either a good or bad thing, especially since we so far know very little about what else is happening in Season 7 in terms of balance changes and general updates.

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