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Starting tonight, Cloud Imperium Games is offering players the ability to fly any and all of their available spaceships to generate hype for their eternal summer child, Star Citizen.

As a part of the in-game Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950, players will be able to fly any and all of the 100+ ships currently available in the game, including those that were just recently released. It’s worth pointing out a few pre-requisites though.

First and foremost, you have to be able to actually play the game. You can buy the game as it currently exists, but be warned, there isn’t a whole lot to do in it as of right now. Their website has two options for purchase; one for $80 USD and the other for $45 USD. Both are listed as the “Starter Pack” and the only difference right now is what you get. The more expensive offer has a better ship and other beneficial perks for anyone willing to shell out the money.

Next, you need to be able to actually run the game. The GPU requirements are actually pretty forgiving, really only requiring a dedicated graphics card to actually run. Your RAM requirements are a bit on the higher end at a minimum of 16 GB, but realistically that’s the new standard, with fewer and fewer new games being playable with less.

The final pre-requisite for the event is multiple days to actually spend in the game. Cloud Imperium is treating the event as a days-long showcase, so each in-game manufacturer gets a day to show off its ships, weapons, and armor. A schedule on the website has who is being showcased on which day, but if you really want to make the event worth it, you’ll want to get in and fly as many of the ships as possible.

If you’re reading all of this and somehow find yourself wanting to check out the game, I have to kindly suggest you reconsider. Star Citizen has raised well over $300 million dollars, and yet the game has four locations, a hundred or so ships, and a small number of weapons and armor. Star Citizen is hands down the most ambitious title that’s ever been attempted, but in a little over eight years, there’s been very little significant progress and no set release date.

At this point, anyone buying into the game does so with the full knowledge that this game won’t be out for years. Cloud Imperium’s founder Chris Roberts says that the gameplay “is not a pipe dream, nor will it take 10 to 20 years to deliver.” Unfortunately for Roberts, I don’t see the game being done any time in the next two years, meaning he’ll have to eat his words on at least half that statement.

As it stands right now, Star Citizen is no where near a finished game, and the idea that this game will be finished any time soon is laughable more than anything. If you were interested in the game in the past and were looking for a chance to play it but skip a good chunk of the grinding to unlock something cool, this event could be a good way to do so. But unless that’s the case, I wouldn’t recommend throwing down the $45 minimum to get your foot in the door.

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