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Red Dead Online, the standalone game no longer attached to Red Dead Redemption 2, has just released its newest patch notes. This week’s notes include a lot of interesting things including new Bounty Hunter opportunities, new horses, bonuses, and more.

Bounty Hunters in Red Dead Online will get to enjoy a new legendary bounty: bank robber Gene “Beau” Finley. You can spot Finley around Bayou Nwa. Players will also be able to up their game as Prestigious Bounty Hunters, which can be acquired via the bounty board. It features 10 ranks to be earned by hunting down new infamous bounty targets in order to earn new high-level items, skills, weapon variants, and horses.

Prestigious Bounty Hunters are the best of the best, so any greenhorn looking to get started can nab themselves a regular Bounty Hunter license for five gold bars. All Bounty Hunter items will be 40% off up until reaching rank 20.

All completed Bounty Hunter missions, as well as “A Land of Opportunity” missions will earn double XP. Completing “Destroyed by Grief” and “Kill Them, Each and Every One” will get you RDO$100 each. Posse members will also get to cash in on the fun, receiving additional RDO$ and XP for completing Free Roam missions, Bounty missions, and this week’s Free Roam events.

Players can purchase the Outlaw Pass No. 4 right now to enjoy all the new outfits, camp upgrades, emotes, and more. Buy it this week and you’ll receive a ten gold bar rebate and RDO$400!. Players can also receive 2000 Club and Bounty Hunter XP automatically just for logging in. Rank 5 or higher Bounty Hunters will receive a free treasure map while those rank 10 and above get a free ability card upgrade.

New gameplay improvements have also been added in this week’s patch notes. To read them all in full, head on over the Rockstar’s Newswire.

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