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Every month, PlayStation Plus subscribers can receive free games. This has been a thing for PlayStation 4 and the same can be said for PS5 owners. So far, the offerings come in a single free PS5 game along with two PS4 games. Thankfully, the PS4 games offered will all be backwards compatible so that both consoles win.

Sony has already announced the full lineup of free games for the year of 2021. We’ll be taking a deeper look at the offerings for January, starting with the PS5.



Become a shark in this single player, open world action RPG. You’ll begin as a shark pup who must survive the harsh ocean world while encountering plenty of diverse enemies including humans. As a shark, you’ll need to eat your way through the ecosystem, discover the right resources, and evolve beyond what nature ever intended.

Devouring different things, especially fisherman, will unlock new shark abilities that you can use to further evolve. From a pup to a ravenous shark, you’ll continuously evolve into stronger versions of the species, culminating into the apex predator, the megalodon.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Our first backwards compatible title is Shadow of the Tomb Raider. This particular game is the third in the reboot series of the original Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is much different than the original, evolving from a simple treasure hunting action game into one where your actions have consequences.

Explore South American ruins as Lara while gathering treasure, surviving the jungle, and racing against the clock to stop an impending Mayan apocalypse. Along the way you’ll be battling with mercenary group Trinity, which will require all sorts of weapons and tools to survive. It is in this series where you’ll witness Lara Croft become the definitive Tomb Raider.



Backwards compatible title number two is that of Greedfall. You’ll be exploring uncharted and foreign lands on a remote island in this RPG. The island is seeped in magic and danger, with plenty of secrets and riches to discover. A war brews between natives and colonists from a handful of different nations of which will require diplomacy, deception, and oftentimes force, to shape them.

You are a neutral figure who will have to befriend or betray companions in order to become part of the living, evolving world of Greedfall. There will be plenty of quests and decisions to be made that will help to influence and shape your story.

Subscribers can expect their monthly PlayStation+ freebies to arrive on the first Tuesday of every month. For January, that’ll be on the 5th. You’ll have until February 1 to download these games to your library. A PlayStation Plus subscription can be purchased in a one-month, three-month, or yearly tier. Each has their own price attached, and all will have the same free games available to them.

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