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Just received this email a few minutes ago, going to log in and give it a try!


Welcome to the Evil Genius®Online Beta!

With only a few more days until Evil Genius Online is finally open to the lucky few who have closed access to the beta, we need you guys to do a few things to make sure everything goes smoothly!

To start with, we need you to head to here and request access to the Closed Evil Genius Online Facebook page. This will allow us to white list you all at once so you get access to the closed beta on Wednesday! We will then accept your request to join the group so you can chat with other group members impatiently eagerly waiting to play!

Next, we need to you sign up as a Facebook developer. Don’t worry this won’t make any changes to your Facebook account. It will just allow you to access our game in the development stage!

Finally, you can head to the official Evil Genius Online Forums, where you can get further information and help as well as discuss any evil plans with fellow evil geniuses! Signing up is easy, by simply clicking the Facebook Connect button, you can start posting!

Yours Evily,
Team EGO, Oxford lair.




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