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Just received this from Rebellion. October 23rd is the date!

The closed beta is finally approaching!

Minions! Thanks again for showing your support for the Evil Genius Online closed beta!

After a few more weeks more of scheming, our team is almost ready to open the game up to you! On October 23rdyou will be able to build and expand your very own evil lair while helping us develop Evil Genius Online!Look out for an email next week!

Within the next week we will send another email with details on how you will be able to access and play Evil Genius Online as one of our beta testers, and share a link to a new forum.

One more thing…We want to make Evil Genius Online compatible with as many set ups as possible, so we’d like to ask you to fill out the following survey about the browser and hardware you’re using. There are no right or wrong answers so just answer what you can!

Yours evily,

Team EGO, Oxford lair.P.S. Here are a couple more screenshots.




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