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With the main settlement receiving a Yuletide makeover, players have been given their first taste of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla post-release content. The Yule Festival features minigames, quests, and that “beginning to look a lot like Christmas” festive feeling during the holiday season. It brings plenty of cheer but also hints at what the future will hold with the River Raid update coming in February 2021.

Since the Yule Festival update was dropped mid-month, it’s possible the River Raid follows suit. Expect the River Raid update to release sometime mid-February, which isn’t that far away. But, what exactly is a River Raid? Why, more raiding of course.

In typical viking fashion, you’ll be raiding settlements for gear and wealth. These new villages come with the addition of three new maps to explore. All of the maps will be replayable meaning there’s likely some sort of challenge mode. Ubisoft has not provided details on this as of yet so at the moment, it’s purely speculation.

More content is also coming in the update. This brings new activities that will allow Eivor to expand his arsenal of abilities and skills.  It’s currently uncertain if the River Raids themselves will provide new skills and abilities. The skills and abilities are not yet known and have only been hinted at by Ubisoft. Hopefully, there will be enough to change up your playstyle and make the game a bit more interesting in the combat department.

The Yule Festival update has provided Eivor a new Jomsviking Hall, which is sure to come in handy with all of the raiding. Jomsvikings are player created and are more powerful than your typical raider. You’ll be able to secure other player’s creations using the Jomsviking Hall at a price, once you build it within your settlement.

I suspect from now until the update drops, it’d be in the player’s best interest to start working on their own Jomsviking for use on the River Raids. You’ll be able to secure them weapons and gear by heading out and collecting them as you would Eivor. Seeing as they use Eivor’s gear, exploration is key to locating the best sets in the game so far. Any legendary weapons and armor you’re not currently using on Eivor should be handed over for use by your Jomsviking.

Bolster your gear selection and build the Jomsviking Hall by the time the River Raid update goes live and you’ll be adequately prepared for what’s to come. In two more months, the true raid on England begins 2021.

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